Accident in Mexico, cont. An Excerpt of “Why Me?”

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Smilingly, Madre asked me why I was so afraid to come see her and that she and her assistant Coco did not bite! I asked her how she knew that. She said: “We knew you were coming, your Spiritual Teacher with the White Turban had already been here and told us!” I finally relaxed!

You must understand that on the path of the Masters “Sant Mat” any kind of healing, pranayama, laying on of hands were forbidden. It was a very strict and monastic path and not many people were able to handle the rigorous discipline of meditation. I believed with all my heart that I was in the highest of violations by going to see this healer.

The beginning of my treatment was very strange indeed!

Madre Sarita used a real life egg that she rolled all over my body, and it apparently took on the physical, astral and causal imprint of the body. Then she cracked the egg in a glass of water, the egg yolk sank to the bottom of the glass representing the physical and the egg white trapped in the water above represented the astral and causal Body. Then she read my body through the egg white and the egg yolk the physical, and she could see what was broken. She said: “I can see the pancreas, the broken ribs, your kidneys are bruised and here is the spiritual body” and this is where it gets really freaky. Are you ready for this?

She said that meditating for over decade and for so many hours each day, I had in fact disconnected from truly living and that I was extremely sad inside.

She then performed psychic surgery on me!

I could literally feel her hand going inside of my body and it felt as though a warm energy had entered into my body system moving things around where my C-Section incision had been. She went into my spine, and Coco kept on translating “Oh there is a little scoliosis, lets go fix that” ! I felt the warm energy moving around in my spine, up and down several times.

For years and years I had scoliosis and my mother used to take me twice a week to therapy to improve the curvature of my spine. Then she said: “you know you aren’t really here for broken ribs, you are here because of your lungs. What did that mean? She went on to say: “You have such deep, deep sadness inside of you which has to do with your Mother’s death and your lungs are infected. You were very close to dying. She said that my Guru basically arranged this accident for me so that I would come to see her and that after this treatment I will never be sick again. She then handed me a tall, slender little bottle with a picture of a lizard on it with instruction for the medicine to be taken three times a day for two weeks. She gave me three cotton balls that I had to spit into in the night and bury in the morning. This was Shamanism at its best!

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