Right Sizing with Chi-Builder

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Living Social deal. Find Petra Nicoll – Woodland, Lake Oswego, Roseburg and Medford!

“Right-Sizing with Chi-Builder” is a program that gets results fast.. Come find out how and join us for an all day Chi-Building Day with Petra Nicoll, Life Style Coach. Her experiences of owning a Health Food Restaurant and working with many, many people over a period of 25 years in the Health Food/Spiritual Community will give you some clear insight into how YOU can become a more energetic and healthy person.

Whats included:

3 Chi-Sessions
Sound Therapy/Movie
Reiki/Sound Healing
Dry Brushing
Rebounder Exercises
Essential Oils
Electrolyte Water
Fresh Juice or Smoothie
Cold Treatment
Bring Towel and Bathing Suit.

Far-Infrared Benefits:

Pain Relief
Stress Relief
Detoxification of the Body
Cardiovascular Health & Increases Blood Flow
Tissue Elasticity & Joint Stiffness
Skin Beautification
Weight Loss
Menopausal Symptoms

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