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Sondra Sneed and Gary Springfield on Tour in Oregon   click NEWSLETTER

Meet God Scribe/Intuitive Sondra Sneed and Gifted Teacher/Visionary Gary Springfield.

About Sondra Sneed:
A recovering atheist.
  She met God in the basement of a rental house in Secaucus, NJ. A voice from the eons wrote a message in her journal, “Unemployed? It is my assertion you are employed by me.”  This moment marked the first day of her year in solitude, in 2004, during which she produced 10 spiral notebooks in dialogue with the creator of the universe.  She’s kept these notebooks in secret for eight years – until now.
One writing session produced a twenty-page narrative about “the Adam and the Eve.” This hour of dictation reveals a message so uncanny, it solves the 4,000-year-old riddle as to why Eve was made from Adam’s rib.  Sondra says it is the first recorded use of adult stem cells, and the metaphor is not about Eve being Adam’s help mate, but instead Eve is God’s helpmate.

Jack Canfield interview with God Scribe/Intuitive Sondra Sneed: click here!

About Gary Springfield: A Contempory Mystic, Family Man and Founder of EnlightenU
He teaches how to create balance in our lives in these hectic times by showing us a simple way to ground and open ourselves to the Golden Healing Light.
In Gary’s Words:
The focus of my work is the integration and revelation of the light of the Soul within the body. So many mediation techniques take people “up and out” to connect with source, whereas the goal of evolution is to create union (yoga) with the Soul and the body which creates a human/divine form that can live and be the light of God fully integrated into form. As you well know, this is the Christ consciousness and/or the Buddha nature revealed.

I find there are two key components to achieving this integration. Meditation, which trains the mind to be silent so that it can become the instrument of the Soul, the “divine observer self” that sits behind the eyes within the sacred area of the pituitary/pineal gland. Overtime, this dynamic inner focus of light and consciousness formulates a new mind/brain connection that restructures consciousness at a biological level to secrete new hormones into the body that quicken the body into a living temple of light for the Soul to fuse in and though the body. Thus, an evermore youthful, supple and healthy body and life experience that is free of disease, stress and outer turmoil.

For over 35 years now I have been teaching meditation techniques to train and focus the mind as the instrument of the Soul, and developed gentle emotional clearing techniques to clear the body so that union can be achieved much more readily.

Roxy Ann Heights, Medford, Oreon

North River Retreat and Day Spa, Winchester, Oregon

Cabana, Lake Oswego, Oregon

From our Woodland, Lewis River Location you can experience extraordinary peace and serenity.  Take a Chi- Session in Chi-Builder and relax your body, mind and spirit.  We love having you as our guest.


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