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Many of you know that I am almost done writing my book… it’s been an interesting process and I would loooooovvvve your feedback.

We changed the title  4 times so far, please let me know which of the titles you prefer:

1 .   Storyteller

2.    Back to OZ

3.    Why me?

4.     The Girl from Bavaria

Here is a summary of the book!

Please tell me if you think the summary is too long or if you would be interested in this story.

Short Summary:

Growing up in a little village in Bavaria just outside of Munich, surrounded by lots of family and many Catholic traditions. At the age of nine, Petra falls ill and has a near death experience that changes her life forever.

Her life becomes stranger than fiction and after her mother’s death at the age of sixteen,  she leaves Baveria on a quest for truth about ” Life and Death”!.

Extended summary:

When Petra goes to see Sant Thakar Singh, a spiritual leader/guru in Delhi – India to learn to meditate on Light and Sound “Sant Mat”, he tells her that she has been in India before and that he will help her mother. Her mother died when she was sixteen years old and seven years later, she is still not able to let her go.

She decides that she wants to stay in India forever, but her Guru tells her that her destiny is to live in the West and he accompanies her to America and tells her that her life is only for the Master’s Mission.  On the plane, he shows her his true powers and  drops her into the hands of the National Representative of his organization. He arranges a marriage with someone 20 years older than her.

After seven years of marriage and her supporting the family, things between Petra and her husband start to unravel when she realizes that she’s not in love with him and is tired of him trying to “figure things out”.

She finally musters up the courage to tell Chris, an old friend of her husband’s, that she has been madly in love with him for 7 years since her wedding day when she saw him for the first time and that she should never have agreed to marry James.

Petra and her son join Chris in Mexico in the summer of 1994 and on the first day she falls down the stairs and almost dies.

A good friend of Chris’ comes to visit the next day and takes her to a very famous healer in Chula Vista across the boarder who saves her life. The healer tells her about future events that will happen and that she and her family  should stay in Mexico and go inland.

Petra misses her friends in Oregon and has a hard time living so isolated in Mexico and decides to go back  to the USA.

She and her partner lead an intense relationship for 7 years but Chris suffers from depression and they both decide to separate. Chris goes to India to be with the Master to find healing and solace while Petra moves to a nearby city with her close friend and student William who becomes her lover. William also battles depression!

A year later she receives a call from an old neighbor, telling her that Chris returned from India and that he died in car crash just a mile from their home on Little River.




One thought on “Feedback Required

    Izzi said:
    April 21, 2015 at 9:11 am

    Love the extract. I think that it is long and needs to be shorter . A lot of movies when they are doing a trailer give away the best part of the movie leaveing nothing for the actual movie as a surprise yet to be seen. I feel the extract is doing the same.

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