Aura Sweeping with Crystals

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In one of my previous article I had given multiple ways of quick aura cleansing techniques. Here is the link if you want to refer 11 Quick Aura Cleansing Techniques. Today I will show you another way to heal your aura using crystals. Lately, most of my articles are related to crystals, I am so obsessed with crystals ☺

Select and cleanse your crystal. Draw Cho Ku Rei on crystal and rotate coned fingers seven times over it anti-clockwise saying Cleanse. Next draw Cho Ku Rei again over your crystal and rotate coned fingers seven times over it clockwise saying Purify. Now draw other symbols that you are attuned to over crystal (Let your intuition guide you which symbols to draw). Program your crystal for aura healing and charge it for a minute with Reiki.



Now hold your crystal in your dominant hand. Rotate the crystal in large sweeping motions around your aura for 7 times in clockwise direction. Make sure you cover your aura from above your head till toe. Best way to perform this method is to sit somewhere comfortably and continue.

The best crystals for aura healing are:
Aura Cleanser – For general cleansing, use Lapis Lazuli or Black Tourmaline.
Aura Moods – To improve your aura mood, use Rutilated Quartz.
Aura Protection – Labradorite is the best stone for protecting your aura.
Aura Alignment – To align your aura layers, use Citrine.
Aura Booster – To energize your aura, use Sugilite.
Aura Holes – To heal your aura holes, use Amethyst.
Auric Tears – To heal auric tears, use Green Tourmaline.
Aura Repair – For general aura repair, use Carnelian.
Aura Negativity – To ward off negativity from aura, use Smoky Quartz.
Aura Strengthening – To strengthening the aura, use Magnetite.

These are just few crystals mentioned above. You can also wear and carry these stones with you for your aura protection. You can use crystal water/crystal elixirs too.

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