Essential Oil Heart Disease Support

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Essential Oil Support For:  Heart Disease

Heart disease, sometimes referred to as cardiovascular disease, includes a number of conditions affecting the heart and blood vessels. Conditions such as heart attacks, coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, hypertension, and congenital heart disease are all subcategories of heart disease. It is the leading cause of death of both men and women in the US as well as worldwide. The primary causes are linked to bad habits of our modern society including over eating, lack of physical exercise, unhealthy diet, smoking, and alcohol.


A brief description of some of the subcategories follows:

· Angina, is a symptom and not an actual heart disease. It is a symptom of the heart not receiving enough oxygen which in turn causes the chest pains termed angina. Go to this page for more information, angina.

· Arrhythmia refers to a number of conditions where the heart beat is irregular. Some such palpitations such as a skipped beat or an occasional strong beat are not uncommon and normal but continued or strong palpitations can be indicators of life threatening problems and should be taken seriously.

· Arteriosclerosis, also know as hardening of the arteries, occurs when arteries become thick with deposits or loose their flexibility thus limiting the amount of blood that can be delivered. (Atherosclerosis is a subset of arteriosclerosis and is specifically the build up of plaque (fats) in the arteries.)

· Atherosclerosis is a subset of arteriosclerosis and is specifically the build up of plaque (fats) in the arteries.

· Cardiomyopathy refers to problems in the heart muscle itself (myocardium). People with cardiomyopathy are often at risk of arrhythmia and/or sudden cardiac death.

· Congenital heart disease describes those heart irregularities that were present at birth.

· Congestive heart failure (or CHF), occurs when restricted arteries or other conditions limit the blood supply to the heart and weaken it to the point that it cannot deliver sufficient blood to the body.

· Coronary heart disease is when there is not a sufficient blood supply to the muscles of the heart. Most commonly this comes from restrictions in the arteries. Common symptoms are chest pains (angina pectoris) or a heart attack (myocardial infarction).

· Hypertensive heart diseases are conditions that occur because of high blood pressure. See this page for more information, hypertension.

· Inflammatory heart disease includes a number of conditions where heart muscles or tissue become inflamed.

· Valvular heart disease (VHD) describes those maladies that affect one of the four major valves in the heart.


How Oils Can Help.

Essential Oils work perfectly with the body to support normal functions of the body and dōTERRA products are safe to use on all ages.

Essential Oil Users Have Found The Following To Assist In Heart Disease Support:

Drink 3-5 drops of Lemon Oil in water daily

-(helps cleanse the plaque build up in arteries)

Rub Balance Oil Blend on the bottom of feet nightly

Use the following oils separately or in a blend of equal amounts and massage them over the heart area, along the carotid artery areas (side of neck), and/or the reflexology points in the feet, hand, or ear:

· Ylang ylang has been used traditionally to balance heart function.

· Marjoram helps smooth muscle tissue (heart).

· Cypress and Peppermint improves circulation and lymphatic drainage.

· Rosemary is powerful for heart conditions.

· Helichrysum and Wintergreen improves circulation and reduces blood viscosity.

(Deep Blue Rub is a great option as well)

(Can also take Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Cypress, Peppermint & Rosemary internally as well)


Additional Help:

Take the Life Long Vitality Pack daily

Rub Lavender or Serenity Oil Blend on feet nightly as a sleep or stress relief aid

Have the following “Spine Therapy” done once a week:

First apply coconut oil (olive oil can be substituted) along the length of the spine.

Then, Drop any 2 or all of the following essential oils down the spine:

Starting with Oregano, then Cypress, On Guard, Frankincense, Rosemary, Marjoram, Aroma Touch… and end with Peppermint

Hot compress for 15 mins after you lightly massage into back along the spine area


Apple Blaster Hearth Healthy Drink

Cayenne pepper (ground or fresh) is known for its vascular healing properties, and is heart food. The problem with cayenne is you have to start out real small and slowly adjust to the heat. Start with a pinch and gradually get to 1 teaspoon. It will strengthen veins, heart, and blood.

One way to get cayenne pepper down is in Apple Blasters (I make these when we have colds as well)

· 3 apples, juiced

· 1 lemon, juiced

· 1 knuckle sized ginger root, juiced

· Cayenne to taste (my kids can do 1/4 teaspoon at a time)

You can also add a drop of lemon essential oil, or OnGuard and Mix it well.



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