An Evening with Lori Rubenstein August 14th, 2015 7-9pm

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How do you forgive the past and find the peace you deserve?

Lori S. Rubenstein, JD, CPC spent 18 years as a divorce attorney-mediator and will tell you she quickly ascertained that the court system is not a healthy environment for families. Her passion for helping others led her down the path of relationship and divorce coaching, where she realized Forgiveness was the cornerstone of all her work. As a Forgiveness Teacher, Divorce Coach, Mediator, Author, Regression Therapist and Inspirational Speaker, you will find Lori walks her talk.

Lori’s special gift is helping people to see new perspectives so they can step into a new, more empowering life. Lori has a unique ability to hold the space for healing to occur, and you will find she carries the torch of practicality as well as the spiritual aspects of forgiveness, acceptance and compassion. Her primary mission is to help people heal from the hurts caused by relationships or as Lori calls them, “spiritual partnerships.” Lori’s unique outlook on painful life experiences is enlightening and refreshing. She helps people see that what they call “tragedy” can in fact, be the soul’s greatest gift. 

Lori has been twice divorced and today is happily remarried, her children are grown and she lives a life filled with love and laughter. She is available to speak or lead a retreat in your community or to your group by telephone or webinar.

Lori’s 4-step Living with Forgiveness Process and her 30 years experience as a divorce attorney, mediator, coach and forgiveness teacher can put you solidly on the path to finding peace in YOUR life. Forgiveness helps clear the way and removes blocks that come with holding onto anger, hurt, frustration, guilt, and disappointment. Personal coaching helps you become the person you want to be, so you live your life in alignment in YOUR life purpose, not anyone else’s.

Wholeness in relationship starts with a self that is whole and healthy. As a coach, I have tools to help you heal those broken pieces and take down the walls that you’ve put up to protect yourself.

If you are not in a relationship and want to be in one: The first step is self love and healing. The second step is to find clarity about what you want in a relationship. The final step, once you find that person, is to learn how to be in relationship, how to accept the other person, (flaws and all) how to not ‘lose yourself’ in the relationship, how to communicate and how to not have unrealistic expectations.

I assume you have had relationships before. AND, you might consider some of them less than successful. The most important thing to remember about past relationships is how to turn what you consider a “mistake” into an important life lesson. Then, there are no mistakes.

As a divorce attorney, I’ve seen thousands of clients move on and find true love, and happiness, again. I want that for you too! I’ve created a class to teach you everything YOU need to know about stepping into a new loving, healthy relationship. It’s really the BEST of everything I teach


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