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The Divine Women Transformational Retreat

on the Lewis River, Washington State

September 25th-27th (or the 25th/26th only)

with Petra Nicoll and Heather Straube
for the Women who know it’s time to step into their Power…

for the Women who want to Trust their Intuition, Bodies & Divine Gifts…

for the Women Seeking Sisterhood in Nature

At this divine retreat we will…

Build Our Intuition & Love Potential through Body Explorations & Cleansing, Meditation, the Sister Circle, Sacred Ceremony, Dance/Movement, Writing & Spiritual Guidance…

Won’t You Join Us On the Beautiful Lewis River?

Isn’t it Time to Step Out and Into Your Brilliance?

So, What All Is Included?

  • Food and Lodging, Including Gluten Free Breakfasts & Other Food Accommodations (Let Us Know!)
  • Tarot Card Readings- FRI/SAT
  • Chi-Builder Sessions FRI/SAT for Purging Emotional Blockages & Deep Healing
  • Golden Light Meditation/Emotional Processing
  • Trust Your Intuition, Feminine Body and Inner Voice (Psychic Development) Tips- SAT]
  • Learn to Better Cleanse & Protect Self, Others & Spaces
  • Womb Wisdom Clearings & Breath Work for Clarity & Power- SAT
  • Creative, Expressive Writing (Bring a Journal)
  • Ecstatic Dance Ceremony with Womb Clearing & Shamanic Dance Ceremony – SAT
  • The Giveaway Ceremony Friday night to Let Go of all the weight we’ve been carrying
  • Spiritual Counseling Sister Circle: Petra and Heather answer driving questions – SUN
  • Vision Card Art Session to infuse your soul essence into cards to take home! – SUN
  • doTERRA Essential Oil, Reiki Mudbath PlayCircles

Let’s Attract Bountiful Abundance into Our Lives for Optimal Success…”

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change!!”

Golden Light Meditation helps you find and release the old emotional patterns stored in the tissues and organs of the body that result in judgment of yourself and others. This is the root cause of all pain and suffering, and limits your ability to live and love fully.The profound healing techniques offered to you by Petra create vibrant health, and the ability to create and passionately live the life you choose.

You can have and be all you desire, the creator of your dream. Gain mastery over your emotions and the issues that create limitations in your life.

How About Tapping Your Body’s Wisdom and Inner Womb Wisdom?

The Chi Builder Cleanses & Ignites Your Inner Flame. It is the world’s first whole-body optimizing system. The Chi-Builder is not an exercise machine or some fancy beauty treatment, nor is it simply a revolutionary leap in natural health.Chi-Builder is the world’s first whole body optimizer, folding all of these elements into one holistically integrated system that addresses the three primary health concerns of modern day living: toxicity, weight gain and chronic stress.

The Giveaway Ceremony is a powerful community sacred circle ritual where women release their old habits, burdens and attachments for clarity, greater self-love and manifesting magic!

The Womb Wisdom breath and clearing techniques help us release old burdens and shames to make room for Love & Abundance.

Ecstatic Dance connects us to our Divine Purpose & Loving Guides through Body & Spirit & the Sacred Circle.

Reiki & Essential Oils help us work on ourselves emotionally, physically, mentally & spiritually

How about receiving Divine Guidance through a Spiritual channeling Q & A?

Petra and Heather are thrilled to share their Divine Downloads with you all, Sisters- To answer your driving questions about your path, your Soul, your future Dreams, and Us Women as a Collective…

As well, Heather will share insights through Tarot Readings while women take turns building their CHI and cleansing with essential oil infused mud bath.

Let’s get dirty, ladies, to get clean and ready to rock this world!

The Divine Feminine is rising up! Can’t you feel her rumbling inside?

We can choose to ignore her, or head the Inner Call to Personal Freedom, Wellness & Radical Self-Love.

Please join us…

Register now for your TWO or THREE Day Journey.


You may choose a gorgeous private room, to share that bed with a friend for 20% OFF, or the tent/tipi option or private chi builder room…

Do you want THREE or TWO DAYS for you and the SisterCircle? CHOOSE FRI-SUN or SAT/SUN only! But why would you want to miss the Giveaway ceremony Friday night either? Ah, the choices…

So many choices.

Think of this little journey into Chi Builder, Chi Gong, Divine Sisterhood, Meditation & Movement as a metaphor for your life. Your feelings of success and your experience of prosperity, LOve, and abundance depend on your positive view of yourself, your life, and the Universe from which success and abundance come. ALL STRAIGHT FROM LOVE. Changing the way you look at things is an extremely powerful tool. Start by examining how you look at things. Is the Universe matching your way of looking?

Are you ready to Live a Life of Divine Love?


  • Hiking/Sturdy Tennis Shoes
  • Layers of Clothing for all kinds of weather & swimsuit for hot tub
  • A towel & toiletries
  • A Journal
  • Sacred artifacts to you that can inspire you in your Vision Card art session (statues, pictures, stones, plant or animal magic, etc)
  • Bring a friend to share a private bed with you and save 20% OFF!

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