Akashic Record Reading

Petra has been offering Akashic Record Readings for Personal and Spiritual Growth for 25 years. If you wish to get a reading with Petra please fill out the form below and best time for her to call you.

What is an Akashic Record Reading?

Do you want to . .

Understand yourself better?

Unravel the hidden dynamics in your relations?
Better understand your relationships or improve your relationships.
Understand the growth opportunity underlying certain events in your life
Uncover the hidden meaning behind the events/issues in your life?

Understand why you experience repeating patterns?

Learn to fully step into your role as the Co-Creator of your life?

The direction of the reading is determined by the questions you ask. Sometimes I will receive another question to ask of you instead of an answer to your question. This process helps you to identify the true question you need answered. Many times clients come to me, knowing they want/need to know something, but they don’t know what that something is. So we go through a process together inthe energy field of the Akashic Records to get closer to what that “something” is. During your Akashic Record reading , you may ask anything that you wish. It has been my experience that I will receive the most information to share with you when your questions are related to personal growth or spiritual growth opportunities for you. If you ask questions related to future or past events, we will work together to re-frame the question making it relevant to the present. After all, true personal growth and spiritual growth can only occur in the present moment!



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