Distance Healing Sessions

Distant Therapy
Because of the nature of energetic therapy, it is also very effective when done at a distance. If you wonder how this works, think of your cell phone. It has a specific number or “frequency” that rings when it is called. There are no wires or visible connections.

Your body also has a very specific frequency. After obtaining and inputting specific information that we gather from you (such as your date and place of birth), we can connect with you vibrationally, on what we call a “subspace” level. This can only be done effectively when you have asked for the distant session and are open to it.

Subspace signals translate into electrical impulses sent throughout the body and register how the body reacts to these pulses.

Distant Quantum Biofeedback (SCIO) general sessions are $100 per hour. We will book a specific time for a quantum session, and will call or e-mail you at the end of the session with a review. Other prices and packages are listed below.

Call 541 543 9820 or e-mail (petranicoll@yahoo.com) to book distant therapy sessions.

Payment can be made by Paypal below.

Prices include a follow-up telephone or Skype call to discuss the session.

SCIO Therapy 2-hour session, $200
(includes preliminary nutritional counseling if desired, depending upon your goals)

SCIO Therapy 1-hour session, $100
(can include nutritional follow-up)

SCIO Therapy Package of 5 one-hour sessions, $450

Space clearing, home or business (2 hours) $200

SCIO stand-alone therapies (1.5 hours) $150

Distant Reiki, 30 minutes $50

Distant Quantum-Touch, 30 minutes $50

Increase the natural flow of abundance in your life and be part of our “Money Magnet” distant group sessions, $25/month
Learn more here.

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