Halu supports healing in the following areas:
Unconscious patterns
Halu helps break undesirable patterns, frees us from delusions and negative ego thinking. Moves us towards self acceptance and integrity on all levels. Supports us in claiming our personal power by taking responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions.

Bringing light to the dark side or healing the shadow self
Looking at this from a duality point of view, there is light and dark, good and bad, etc. Within the duality, there are opposites. It is either/or. By raising our consciousness we move out of duality into Oneness. Darkness is merely the absence of light. Halu helps us shine light into those dark corners of ourselves.

Sexual and physical abuse issues
An abuse situation is always a co-creation. On one side there is the abuser, on the other side the victim. It can be very traumatic and painful to move through those feelings of being victimized. Halu together with Zonar helps us look at our issues, bring all feelings to the light in order to heal.

Psychic and psychological attack
We cannot be attacked unless we perceive ourselves as weak. If we find ourselves attacked we have allowed it at some level. Halu helps us reclaim our personal power and strength. The best way to deal with a psychic or psychological attack is to bless the energies that are being sent and direct them back to the sender. Remember what we send out is coming back to us tenfold.

Halu is said to be able to activate a healing beam much like a laser beam, which can be directed specifically for intensive healing.

Halu is usually used with Zonar.