Harth and more

Reiki Karuna is regarded to be a development of the Usui Reiki.
As such, only certified Reiki Usui Masters are allowed to train under it. Established by the American Reiki Master William Lee Rand, Reiki Karuna is believed to be more powerful than Reiki Usui in all aspects. It also uses symbols of its own that can be used along with the ones used in traditional Reiki Usui.


Reiki Karuna Harth Symbol

Harth is the chief symbol of Karuna Reiki.

It represents never-ending compassion, truth, love, beauty, balance, and harmony. It is normally used to heal heart problems and restore love.


Reiki Karuna Gnosa Symbol

Gnosa pertains to the spiritual and mystical knowledge obtained from God. It is the symbol used to release a person’s higher self. It can also be used for better communication.

On a deeper level, it is the one that lifts a person’s consciousness to create a direct connection with the Creator.


Reiki Karuna Zonar Symbol

Zonar is Reiki Karuna’s symbol for eternity or infinity. It is used to penetrate a person and work with the smallest elements in his body to clear the memories of his past that are deeply seated in his subconscious.

The symbol can release Karma, clear the mind, and open the heart.


Reiki Karuna Halu Symbol

Halu is the symbol of truth, love, and beauty. Halu is used to disperse all the negative elements inside a person’s body, mind, and spirit.

It can restore harmony and balance in a person’s life.



Reiki Karuna Rama Symbol

Rama may mean God or Ram. However, its main symbolism is joy. It is the link to the Earth energy and can clear all the six chakras from the forehead down.

The Rama can create or restore a person’s determination and revive his chi.


Reiki Karuna Kriya Symbol

Kriya pertains to balance. This is the symbol for healing the entire human race. It can also balance energy, raise awareness, and transform one’s thoughts into actions.


Reiki Karuna Shanty Symbol

Shanty signifies peace. It is used to heal the past in order to welcome the present.

This symbol is used to free a person from the clutches of the past. It can dissipate pain, fear, and anger.


Reiki Karuna Iava Symbol

Iava is a balancer. It harmonizes all four elements such as the Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire.

It removes illusions, lies, and pretenses. It can also help heal the entire Earth.


Usui Dai Ko Myo

Reiki Karuna Usui Dai Ko Myo Symbol

As the shining light, this symbol is used to achieve the highest stage of healing. It cleanses the body and heals the spirit.



Reiki Karuna Dumo Symbol

Dumo represents heat. It also symbolizes the union of the body and mind. It works by pulling all the negative energy from the root chakra and removing it completely.

Dumo has the ability to cure the body of all its diseases.


Reiki Karuna Om Symbol

Om is the symbol of a sound. It represents the entire universe working together as one.

Om can open the crown chakra when drawn on the head.


Tibetan Fire Serpent

Reiki Karuna Tibetan Fire Serpent Symbol

During attunement, this symbol awakens. It represents the sleeping serpent of the Kundalini. This symbol can open and close the chakra to achieve harmony and balance.



Reiki Karuna Om Symbol

Raku is an attunement symbol that removes negative energy inside a trainee.

It is used to open the student’s awareness to facilitate learning.