Fourth Insight


THERE is one great law…Energy Is.

Therefore, your thoughts are impulses of energy; and each of these thoughts is vibrating at a specific speed per second. The Law of Attraction states that similar vibrations will attract and dissimilar vibrations will repel.The Law of Perpetual Energy is in a constant state of transmission and transmutation.

Energy is forever moving into form, through form, and back into form. Everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell is in a constant state of change. Change is all there is.

By Law you must put your thoughts and yourself in vibration with the life you desire or you will never be in it. In other words, you must be in harmony or resonance with what you truly want. This involves aligning your body, mind, and spirit with your desire. The first step in creating what you want is to completely clear about what it is you truly, truly desire.

This is the part of you that is certainly the most magnificent. It is your “power center”. The subconscious mind functions in every cell of your body. Every thought or word your conscious mind chooses to accept begins to manifest and be carried out by this part of your mind. It has no ability to censor or reject information. The subconscious takes immediate action on whatever it is given.

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