Sixth Insight


“The Key is to stay in an Attitude of Gratitude”

The sixth principle in the Secret to Quantum Transformation is the principle of continuous gratitude in your life.

Cicero, the great Roman statesman, was accurate when he said:
“Gratitude is not only the mother of virtues…it is the mother of all life’s benefits”.

This includes health, love, happiness, affluence and prosperity. Wherever you find a truly successful individual…you will find abundant gratitude in large quantities. The vibration of Gratitude sets up a force unlike any other, to bring your vision into existence.

One of the most unfortunate and dis-empowering situations in life is concentrating your attention on the things you don’t have versus the things that you have. Our memories tend to be very short when it comes to all the wonderful things that are bestowed upon our lives. Conversely, we have the “memory of an elephant” when we think of all the things we are lacking.

When a person lacks gratitude their entire system is thrown into a negative vibration and a state of negative balance. According to the Law of Attraction (because of focusing on what they don’t want) those without gratitude begin to attract and manifest the very thing they fear.

So, let’s be grateful for all the goodness in our lives!

To experience gratitude on a continual basis, you must understand and believe three truths:

• Your current situation is great and getting better.
• Your current life is full of things for which to be grateful.
• Your current results will continually change, grow, and improve.

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