Animal Symbolism Handout

Hello Friends. Below you will find a basic animal symbolism sheet that I like to give to both clients and Reiki students. When you start to enter the Reiki world you may find that the universe starts to communicate with you in a variety of new ways. One of the most routine ways is through animal symbols.

The sheet I am sharing with you is very popular in my own group and I hope that you find it useful for your practice. It is a very basic info sheet that allows the reader to get a quick overview of animal symbolism meanings. If they notice one animal calling out to them they can then research that one particular animal further. I hand it out in Reiki 1 or to any client who shows an interest in signs/symbols from the Universe.

Reiki 1 Animal Symbols From The Universe:

♦ Bees: Time to get busy so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor.
♦ Dove: Love, messages from above, peace
♦ Dog: Loyality, unconditional love
♦ Raven: Synchronicity, magic
♦ Cat: Set healthy boundaries, get back up and live life after a set back
♦ Butterfly: Beauty

Animal Symbolism Handout For Reiki Class

♦ Dragonfly: Transition
♦ Bear: Time to embrace personal power, courage
♦ Owl: Warns of deception, ability to see the truth of any situation
♦ Deer: tread lightly and take a gentle path
♦ Stag: pride, leadership
♦ Lion: protector, bravery
♦ Hawk: power of observation, lead others, visionary
♦ Elephant: steadfastness, mindfulness
♦ Fish: Fluid emotions
♦ Mermaid: feminine power, embracing your sexuality
♦ Horse: Inner strength, allowing help from others
♦ Eagle: Freedom, power, divine intervention, messages from above
♦ Spider: Creativity, use your creative powers
♦ Worm: No backbone
♦ Wolf: Can warn you of someone trying to deceive you (acting sly), sharp instincts
♦ Humming Bird: Strength and grace, making the most out of nothing, joy
♦ Snake: Sheading illusions and limitation
♦ Whale: being in touch with your true reality, listening to your inner voice
♦ Cow: Abundance
♦ Frog: Transition

Sending you all love and light.