Emotional Processing

Quantum Physics Demonstrates That Vibrations Create Your Reality. Spiritual awareness and human consciousness is changing rapidly.

Metaphysics opened the door to the new understanding that “we create our reality” and now quantum physics scientifically demonstrates that each person is vibrating out energy and causing the finest particles of creation to take form as the people and experiences we interact with.

All Relationships Are a Mirror of Your Relationship with Yourself

This idea gives new meaning to the concept that all relationships are a mirror of your relationship with yourself. This means that the love, joy and goodness within you will vibrate out and create events and people who bring love, joy and happiness into your life.

Similarly, if there are subtle parts of your self that you have not learned how to love and accept, they might cause you to feel sad, frustrated or self-critical. Then we will meet situations and events that push your buttons and stimulate negative emotion within you.

You will experience unhealthy relationships with your parents, attract work conditions that are challenging, feel abandoned by your loved ones and even create lack of prosperity.

The Child is Feeling, the Adult is Thinking

The root cause of this negative emotion was experienced within us as children, usually between the ages of birth and 7 years of age, when unconditional love and acceptance was withheld by the authority figures around us.

If mother or father were having a bad day and feeling sad, lonely or frustrated then they were emitting negative emotion that would have to impact the vulnerable child.

This is not a judgment upon them but, nevertheless, the child would experience the withholding of love and unconsciously begin to believe that something must be wrong within themselves.

The child is not yet capable of discerning that this is mother’s and father’s issue because the child does not develop the discerning and discriminating mind until around 7 years of age.

All events within the family unit are interpreted through emotions and feelings. If there is negative emotion then the child can only feel that something about them must be unlovable.

Learning and practicing The Golden Light Meditation with the Emotional Clearing techniques will empower you to feel the feelings and transform the negative emotions, thereby having fulfilling relationship in all areas of your life.

Within you there is a childlike quality that was born innocent and free. The power, wisdom and love of your Soul breathed life into this child and created your emotional/feeling body, along with the ability to live unlimited and free.

When ever love was withdrawn or negative emotion was felt within the family unit or the environment then you felt fear and created disbelief in yourself.

As adults we are taught how to use the logical mind to get what we want, but it is often a struggle because at our core we still carry subtle feelings of disbelief and lack.

Golden light meditation and emotional processing finds these negative programs and re-patterns the emotional body into the new feeling of authentic self-love and self acceptance so that you feel prosperous and abundant with the creative power within you.

This exalted feeling ripples out from you, like ripples upon a pond and automatically attracts back all good and gracious things as a reflection of your grace.

Abundance and prosperity rushes in to embrace you and gift you with opulance, love and joy. More joy arises forth as you generously share your unlimited abundance with all of life.

2 thoughts on “Emotional Processing

    Carita Gilmore said:
    June 22, 2014 at 6:48 pm

    Hello, Where is the July 26th event held at?
    Carita Gilmore

      petranicoll responded:
      June 22, 2014 at 7:09 pm

      Hi Carita, the July 20th is Reiki Level 2. Have you attended a Reiki Level 1 class?


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