Se He Ki

The Harmony Symbol

The second Symbol is the Harmony Symbol, or it has been called Reiki Symbol 2, the Mental/Emotional Symbol, the Balance Symbol or SHK. Its mantra is “Sei He Ki” which roughly translates to “God and Humanity become one.” It is pronounced “Sāy-Hāy-Key”. Harmony SymbolThe left portion represents the Yang and the left side of the brain (logic, structure, linear thinking, ect.), while the right portion represents the Yin and the right side of the brain (fantasy, feelings, intuition, ect.). When used it balances the left and right sides of the brain for peace and harmony. It helps with emotional and mental healing. It restores psychological and emotional balance. It brings the brain and body together. It helps people bring to the surface and release the mental/emotional causes of their problems. According to Doi, it works on improving relationships, heals bad habits, resolves disorders and karma or trauma with the gentler energy of love and harmony. He says it works on restoring emotional and mental (psychic) balance. Ethel Lombardi, one of Takata’s 22, gives the following method for giving a mental/emotional treatment aimed at removing bad habits. Start off by drawing the Harmony Symbol over the clients head and repeating the mantra three times. This is followed by the Power Symbol and the Practitioner talking, either out loud or silently, to the client about how he or she no longer needs it, that it is no longer good for them, ect. It releases negative consequences (from fears, traumas, rape, abuse, ect.) so it can be healed; for issues of anger, fear, grief, resentment, and it enhances self-love and compassion and develops positive qualities. It can be used for spiritual protection and healing. Draw it with the Power Symbol then repeat both mantras, or the protection affirmation, three times for each Symbol. It promotes harmony and protects against energy in person to person fights. Draw it or visualize it, repeat the mantra three times so it forms a wall between the two people. It helps to improve and aid memory. When something is lost, visualize the Symbol, place your hands on your temples, say “I will find___ in___.” Then send Reiki to yourself. It helps to heal and balance a relationship with other people or things (food, liqueur school, ect.), write the name of the relationship (as an entity) on a piece of paper, draw the Symbol, and say the mantra and the name of the relationship three times, then send Reiki to it. It helps with positive affirmations; there are two ways to do this. The first write the affirmation on a piece of paper, draw the Symbol and repeat the mantra three times over the paper and send Reiki to it. The second way is to place your hands on your temples visualize the Harmony Symbol and repeat the mantra and your affirmation three times, and then send Reiki to your head. It is useful in releasing unwanted or negative habits or addictions (biting your nails, smoking, drinking, ect) , write the name of the habit on a piece of paper, draw the Symbol and repeat the mantra three times, send Reiki to it (if you have a Reiki box place it in there). It can be used in conjunction with the Power Symbol to cleanse and clear a room. Draw the Harmony Symbol in the corners of the room, both those near the floor and the ceiling and repeat the cleansing affirmation and the mantras three times each. If you are feeling “out of balance” (or are having a headache), place your hands on your head, activate the Symbol, and run Reiki. If a treatment focuses on emotional healing, seal the session with this Symbol. It is useful in releasing stress and bringing about higher spirits. It clears blockages, especially in regards to emotional blockages.