How does it work?

Energy Medicine Using REIKI

Reiki is the most well known, easiest to learn, natural energy healing technique, used all over the world. The word is Japanese, meaning “universal life-force energy”. It involves the transfer of a specific bandwidth of energy frequency through (not from) the practitioner to the recipient, or situation. This energy enhances the body’s natural ability to heal itself by calming the fight or flight response.

Reiki restores and balances the natural life force energy within the body. It is a holistic, natural healing system that cannot cause harm, and touches on all levels: body, mind, and spirit. Reiki is completely compatible with, and supportive of one’s personal belief system. It is seamlessly well-suited with other healing modalities.

Core issues are often released, enabling physical and emotional restoration.  With stress blissfully on hold, may find even chronic or mysterious physical and emotional issues significantly reduced, or eliminated all together.

What’s A Session With Laura Like?

 After assessment and finding out about what your primary goal(s) are for your session, Laura leaves the room for several minutes while you get on the table, & just enjoy being in this especially relaxing environment. A typical session from Laura is given with you fully clothed, or undressed to your level of comfort. You’ll be lying under a sheet and blanket  either way. “My primary concern is for your comfort.”

Reiki Session RoomThe “clock starts” when she returns. Depending on what you’re here for, Laura may place a warm heat pack on you, and perhaps an eye pillow, if you’re on your back. Gentle waterfalls, and soft music will be playing. Most sessions begin with perhaps some therapeutic essential oils to your feet, followed by a reflexology and accupressure oriented foot massage, tending to relax even the most tense of people.   SmileFoot Reiki

From there your session is completely adapted to meet whatever your needs are. Over the sessions, clients notice they feel less congested and compacted within themselves. Much like spring-cleaning, these sessions eliminate the excess static build-up of energetic debris.

Where you may have come in feeling anxiety, depression, heartache, overwhelmed, discouraged, whatever, you’ll find there is more space inside yourself. You’ll feel lighter, refreshed, encouraged, and more ready and able to go back to life. Sessions with Laura create a therapeutic shift within that allows one to see options not recognized before, supporting better choices, ultimately making a happier life. She calls it “opening windows of opportunity”.

What we see are lots, and lots of people who come in tangled up in one way or another with the stuff of life, emerge having a sense of solidity, peace, confidence, and healing they had thought was unattainable. Hope and Joy return!

Experience Bliss!
Reiki… a uniquely, blissful, restorative experience!

Reiki Energy

Not Woo-Woo…
So, How Does It Work?

It all gets down to frequencies. Absolutely everything in existence vibrates on some sort of specific, measurable frequency. Everything, for example, that is electric has a measurable, electrical field around it. As we’ve all seen on TV, medical professionals will use a defibrillator, which charges the heart with electricity to get it started again. We are electrical beings. We have a field, a measurable, electric field through, and around our bodies. That’s not woo-woo. That’s just scientific, verifiable fact.

A Reiki practitioner works with your energy field (referred to in the East as an “aura”), enhancing and supporting your body’s natural process of homeostasis; that of bringing the systems into healthy balance. This process can positively influence physical, emotional, and/or mental issues, and needs. Issues such as insomnia, anxiety, depression are effected, as well as problems like low back pain. (Please see Comments page)

Reiki serves to calm the fight or flight response in the physical body. When this happens the energy that the body was using to keep all that tension in place is shunted instead to whatever the highest priorities are for healing. Profound relaxation produces profound shifts.

Calm and Free Reiki

“I love coming here – it’s so relaxing it is just being here.” Kelly M.